Something Imagined



Something Imagined is a participatory audio play. A journey where the spectator sees the city from different perspective. The spectator can feel what it is like to be in a hurry, or to be a tree, or to the take another person´s posture. The audio play invites to experinece the city in a different way through listening and participating in easy tasks.



Text Jenni Kivelä

Sound Johanna Strom

Voice Henna Hakkarainen

Lenght 30 minutes

Support: Helsinki City, Kone Foundation

Premiere 19.12.2020 Kuopio Dance Festival 


Jenni ja Kiltit ihmiset (en)
Tulossa (en)
Teokset (en)
Vakituiset vieraat (en)
Kiertueella (en)
Yhteystiedot (en)
Pressi (en)