Jenni and Kind People

Alla Käräste Systern by Astrid Lindgren; paintings of Edvard Hopper; The Worst Case Survival Handbook by Borgennicht, Piven and Worick;
Guidebook for Ladies; postcards from the Freud Museum in Vienna; slightly pink dress from the wardrobe of an old school; sounds of craws in Autumn; diaries from the teenage years; guestbook from a childhood home… and many others.

Discussions with the artistic group as well as exploring and changing ideas are the major sources of  influence during the creation process. Complete trust between the group members helps to create the athmosphere for the works; the athmosphere is not created by the movement alone but from the sounds, lights, sets, dresses and texts as well.

Kind People, an association founded on 2006, was born on the basis of good cooperation between the core members of the artistic group. The founders of Kind People are dress/set designer Karoliina Koiso-Kanttila, light designer Heikki Paasonen, sound designer Johanna Storm, set/dress designer Salla Salin, dancers Joona Halonen and Ninu Lindfors, photographer and graphic designer Marko Mäkinen and choreographer Jenni Kivelä.

The purpose of the association is to create contemporary dance creations of the highest quality, layered and thoughtful. Kind People wants to emphasize every area of the creation and not only the movement. It wants also to build a continuum for the performing existing works and creating new ones.

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