Jenni and Kind People

Jenni Kivelä, born 1974 in Helsinki, Finland, graduated as a choreographer 2002 from the Theatre Academy of Helsinki, Department of Dance. She lives and works as a freelancer choreographer in Helsinki.
She has created several works after her graduation with the same artistic group called Kind People. The works have been commissioned by e.g. Helsinki Dance Company. She has worked as house choreographer In Zodiak - Center for New Dance in 2004-2005. Jenni Kivelä CV  BIO

Her works combine movement, text and theatre so that the result is multidimensional dance theatre. Her works have been described as naivistic, kind, humoristic, ironic, perspicacious, conceptual, entertaining, sincere, delicate, layered and audience-friendly. Humanity and recognisability are typical for her works. The use of text gives a sense of familiarity in the works, as well as the use of well-known songs, moody fado or classical music.


The topics for her works are often concrete. The topic is the beginning to the creation and collecting the material for the work. Topics of her works have varied from parties and making of choreography to happiness, travelling, love and power. Material and inspiration has been collected from books, movies and everyday life: The Golden Book of Manners; Les Vacanes de Monsier Hulot by Jaques Tati; L’ Espèces Espaces by Georges Perec...

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